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Rescue Posts Picture Of Newly Adopted Dog, That Dog Is Now Banned Due To Breed

Bird Repeats Owners Last Words Before Murder... Can It Be Used In Court?

American's Spent More Last Year On Pet Costumes Than Mental Health

What Is in your Burger

Australia To Spend 15 Million On Carpageden

Husband High On Meth Steals Wife's Monkey

Cats To Be Released To Combat Roman Rat Problem

Your Dog Too Can Make $3000 Per Instagram Post

GMO Mosquitoes To Be Released In Key West

Florida Woman Fights To Keep Alligator House Pet

It's Legal To Break Into Hot Cars

Cesar Milan Under Investigation Over Training Methods

Blue Buffalo Pet Food Class Action Suit

Most Popular Dog Breeds

Over 1000 Ants Removed From Colony In 12 Year Old Girls Head

Owner Get $262,000 Because Police Shot Her Dog

Dog Swallows Turtle, After 10 Minutes Is Recovered and Survives

Lazy Dog Finishes 7th In 13 Mile Marathon After Escaping Yard

Emotional Support Turkey Allowed To Fly With Owner

Man Who Claimed To Be Jesus, Planned to Kidnap Obama's Dog, Bo

Birth Control Pills In Water Turning Fish Into Hermaphrodites

Who Is The World's Deadliest Hunter

Euthanizing Dogs That Bite People Now Unconstitutional (FL)

Holiday Season Pet Safety

Why Do Animals Stare At You When They Poop?

Emotional Support Animals Loophole

FDA Approves First GMO Animal.... Salmon

Monthly Pet Box Comparison

What To Do With 16 Billion Pounds of Pet Waste Yearly

TN First State for Animal Abuse Registry

Secret Canine Menus & Free Stuff

Cats Trained As Cold War Spies

Cloning Your Dog... Only $100,000

Kissing Your Pet May Cause Cancer

Largest Two Headed Animal Collection

How Your Donations May Hurt Shelters

10 Best & Worst Pet Cities

Current Pet Scams

Dog Discovers Key Evidence in Jared Fogel Case

Shannon's Neighborhood Dog Shooting

Fortune Made on Roadkill Fashion

$150,000 Medical Bills After Rattlesnake Selfie

Secret Pet Menus at Restaurants

Wealthiest Pet Actors

Why You Shouldn't Pet Service Dogs

Rick's Dogs Problems

Consequences of Coitus in Animals

Black Dog Syndrome

Bug Out Bags

Can You Live Eating Only Dog Food

Employee Eats $30,000 Worth of Milkbones

Bird Influenza Outbreak

Digital Dangerous Dog Lists

Can Dogs Tell Time?

Top Pet Toxins

K9 Influenza

Bill To Allow Pets Marijuana

A Conversation with Rick

Most Popular Dogs in the World

Billions Spent ON US Pets in 2014

Rabies & Parvo Outbreaks

Purina Lawsuit & Greyhound Racing

Presidential Pets

What Good Are Pot Sniffing Dogs Now?

Shannon Burke Show More Pet Products

State Bill Dangerous Dogs

Craigslist Puppies

Shannon Burke Show Pet Products

Cost Of Owning a Pet

Dog Learns To Ride Bus to Dog Park

Painted Chows to Look Like Pandas

Pet Tattooing Ban in NYC

Beagle Freedom Project

Bulldog Abandoned in NYC, Pay it Forward

Stupid Pet Laws- Matching Game

Largest Dog Fighting Bust

Pit Bull Bans

Pet Malpractice

Halloween Safety

Smartest Dog In the World

Medical Pot Support in Vet Medicine

Dog Fighting & General Talk

Shannon Burke Show

No-Kill Shelter Talk

Listener Q & A

Hot Weather and Beach Safety

Shannon's New Dog Charlie Talk

The Mike Calta Show

Aggressive Dog Story PC

Listener Q & A

Even More Frequently Asked Quetions

More Frequently Asked Questions

Dangerous Wild Animals & Your Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for Disasters

Pet Care Lies That Cost You Money

Home Treatments for Medical Conditions

CPR for Pets

Spring Cleaning A-Z

All About Pet Foods

Marijuana Intoxication

What Is Causing That Smell

Listner Q & A

Pet Myths Debunked

Heartwrom Disease

Weird Behaviors in Pets

What's New in Veterinary News

Listener Q & A

Monitoring you Pet

Listener Q & A

Winterizing you Pet

Cost of Vet Care

Coronavirus & Anesthesia

Listener Q & A

Kennel Cough and K9 Flu

Orlando Trip & Evaluation of Dutch

Jerky Treat Recall

Club Drug Intoxications

Listener Q & A

Fall Toxins

Noise & Storm Phobias


Guest Speaker Kim Baker, Pet Whisperer

Search & Rescue Dogs

Lumps N Bumps

Listener Q & A

Puppy Wellness

Early Detection Of Geriatric Disorders

Non-verbal Communication of Dogs

Listener Q & A


Seasonal Allergies

Subtle Signs of Sickness

Listener Q & A

Reproduction & Pregnancy Questions

Marijuana research & Use in Pets

Tick Prevention

Listener Q & A

Traveling with your Pet


Service Dogs

Listener Q & A

Saving $ at the Vet and The Veterinary Mobility Act

Flea & Tick Prevention

Introducing New Pets

Cosmetic Surgery in Pets

Disaster Preparedness

Listener Q & A

Things not to do at your next vet appointment

Things you can get from your pet

Listener Q & A

Dangerous Foods for Dogs & Cats

Dog Bite Prevention

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